Bellhop files -  "Kaikoura"
Bellhop files -  "Kaikoura"
Bellhop files -  "Kaikoura"
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Bellhop files - "Kaikoura"

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Bellhop files are a set of 4 practical ‘files’ for your bag.

The "Kaikoura" files feature grey canvas with blue mesh.

Each file has a tab at the top, so you can see at a glance what each file contains. 
Bellhop files come with labels for the tabs - use one of the pre-printed labels or customise your own to create categories which make the most sense to you.

Each bag has a durable mesh which allows you to see the contents, and a clip to attach your required files to a handy carabiner clip.

Dimensions approx 20cm wide x 23.5cm high (25cm high to the top of the file tab)

6 pre-printed labels ('Essentials', 'Personal', 'Work', 'Change', 'Toys', Snacks')
4 blank labels (create your own label with a fine permanent marker)